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About us

About us

EUROTECNOIMPIANTI S.r.l. , founded in 2000, was born as an highly specialized company in Passive and Active Protection ( Coating, Painting and cathodic protection), but during the time an evolution happened and now EUROTECNOIMPIANTI is able to provide services regarding all major Oil & Gas activities. Our company benefits of managers and shareholders ‘ experience, operating in Oil & Gas field for several decades, with high quality, efficiency, safety and environmental respect standards.

During the time, thanks to a lot of collaborations with Oil & Gas leaders companies, and thanks to all qualifications obtained, our company is now specialized in all activities regarding hydrocarbons transport and storage chain, starting from pipelined and facilities construction, to their maintenance and reparation.

We provide general contracting and construction services to a whole commercial and industrial clients’ range (both Italians and foreign ones).

Our company is characterized by the presence of faithful employees who provide a superior service; they are rooted into honesty and integrity’s philosophy as main guideline.

EUROTECNOIMPIANTI, following these principles on national and international fields, is reaching a sterling reputation and customers’ consideration since 15 years ago.

Thanks to a new professional structure and a qualified management, which have applied a new dealing model, our company is now located in a new international dimension. 



While moving to our target (to be a world-wide partner for construction projects) , we will sustain our activities as well as we can all over the world.

Safety, quality and project delivery’s punctuality, confirm our leadership and devotion to our job.

Customer satisfaction is the way we choose to consolidate our presence in Oil & Gas fields, keeping a sustainable growth, which respects culture environmental of the countries in which we work.


  • Quality

    experience and excellent reputation

  • Punctuality

    respect of deadlines

  • Safety

    international awards and certificates

  • Leadership

    we work in Italy and in the World

Your trusty partner in

pipeline's business world-wide

We provide services regarding all major activities in Oil & Gas field. We carry out activities involving the whole hydrocarbons transport and storage chain, starting from pipelines and falicities ‘ construction, to their maintenance and reparation.