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Technical and commercial advice



EUROTECNOIMPIANTI provides technical and commercial advice service to projects’ contractor companies or other companies that want to develop their business in other markets.

The markets in which our company has developed more its job abroad are AFRICA, MIDDLE-EAST- ASIA, CENTRAL AMERICA, CENTRAL EUROPE, EAST EUROPE (ROMANIA, BULGARY).

Particularly, in AFRICA, we have a branch in Algeria and a society in Morocco (Italconsult), so thanks to our presence on site, we can be considered the best partner for societies who want to develop their business in AFRICA.

Thanks to our experience and to our Oil & Gas knowledge, we can be considered a reference point for partnership between societies, especially abroad.

EUROTECNOIMPIANTI provides also technical advice for those activities in which certification and knowledge are a must; such as welding, coating, cathodic protection and hydraulic test.

Moreover, EUROTECNOIMPIANTI performs on behalf of third parties services such as: research, tender selection, management and realization of economical offers for all the mechanic construction’s contract in Oil & Gas field.




Italconsult is a commercial society including three industrial partners (EUROTECNOIMPIANTI, GPS ENGINEERING and GHIGGIA ENGINEERING). Three different and complementary realities lumped together by twenty years’ experience, high quality level and high specialization grade in their working-fields.

The three societies bring their proficiency in Morocco offering their products and their highly specialized EPC services, with reliability and competence.

With the Italy system support logic, ITALCONSULT S.A.R.L., provides advices to other Italian companies, which want to develop their business in Morocco’s market, providing advice for a technical and commercial development for every opportunity offered by the country.

ITALCONSULT is the ideal partner to manage relationships between complementary societies, so it is mentally open to involve other companies, which can help us to cover all the development sectors. 



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